The Training Programmes offered by Department of Media Research & Development.

This course is a systematic effort to develop skills among the working professionals to create courseware on the selected topic as per the Swayam MOOC guidelines.

This programme has been designed especially for faculty members of AICTE Approved institutions from all over India, so that they can develop and offer customized online courses as per the curriculum.


This program focuses on creating a web-based courseware  using a Learning Management System , which   can typically be delivered via the Internet/Intranet.  

This program focuses on using Learning Management System to offer Online Learning courseware, which   can typically be delivered via the Internet/Intranet.  Coordinator: Dr.K.J.Mathai

“Information and Communication Technologies” (ICT) refers to technologies that provide access to information through telecommunications. This includes the Internet, wireless networks, cell phones, and other communication mediums. ICT is an umbrella term that includes all technologies for the communication of information. At the institute level, institute management, departments, and different sections require varied information for making decisions and managing the day-to-day activities of the institute. Institutes need to keep a record of information related to admission of students and fees, faculty/ student/ staff attendance, academic records of students, examination results, leave and salary records, accounts of the institute, purchase & stores, hostel, training & placement, accreditation data management and such many more. The use of presently available ICT for all the above-mentioned areas has become the need of the hour. Thus, for better management, the institute needs to adopt ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.

On day to day basis, every teacher needs to use different instructional methods, strategies, media and other such resources in the teaching-learning process. The teacher has to assess the performance of every student in different learning environments. ICT plays an important role in achieving learning outcomes and at the same time provides the choice to use various ICT tools in the T-L process and for assessment.

In the post-Covid situation, it has become essential to develop and upgrade the teacher’s skills related to the use of various ICT tools for improving the teaching-learning and assessment processes. This programme is designed to develop such skills with the active involvement of the learners. This two weeks programme will have inputs cum discussion sessions, individual and collaborative activities, tasks, and assessments.    

The short-term course will enable you to - Manage &  Administer the sample Small Private Online Course (SPOC) Web based Courseware using a Learning Management System (MOODLE).
Coordinator: Dr.K.J.Mathai

This course on E-content development aims to appreciate the challenges in this digital age,  concept of e-learning and  learning objects, designing and developing digital resources for teaching and learning.


The program aims to identify OERs  for self-learning and create/manage a learning resource repository/ online course according to curricular needs.

Coordinator: Dr.K.James Mathai  Faculty Member: Dr.D.S.Karaulia

This training program aims to – develop, manage, administer a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) using Open edX Platform.

Coordinator: Dr.K.James Mathai   
Faculty Members: Dr.S.S.Kedar, Prof.A.A.Khajanchee, Prof.C. Mehra             

For  Teachers of Higher Education, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh 
Coordinator: Prof. Chanchal Mehra, Faculty Members: Dr. S. S. Kedar, Prof. A. A. Khajanchee, Dr. K. J. Mathai